Friday, March 25, 2011

Up All night obsessed with my Thinspiration

It 4:13AM (local time) and I cant sleep because I'm totally obsessing over this new goal and adventure I have set out for myself!
I'm researching every diet and trick in the book. Some of the stories out there are amazing!!! I'm so inspired. I want to do this so bad, but I often wonder, can a pig like me look THAT good and THAT skinny?!! It almost seems impossible! The flat tummies and the crazy pin thin legs, feels like I will never get there... but I have to try!!

Look at these hip bones! Amazing, beautiful, gorgeous.. this is what I want!!! I want to see my bones! I want these rolls of disgusting fat to be gone and I want to be beautiful just like this girl in this picture. I don't have much time. I really should have started this months ago... fuck!
At least I have woken up and I'm finally doing this!! I created this blog for many reasons, to document my weight-loss and be able to come back and see how I have shrunk, but also for support!! Please please help me thru this my beautiful Anas! I need your help. Together we can beat this!! I know it

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