Monday, April 4, 2011

Stomach Flu = YAY!

So as it turns out, I have the stomach flu. I havent been able to hold anything down. Even water. Ive been drinking tons of tea and water to settle my tummy but Im still kinda sick.
Im not sure what I ate. I think my neighbor gave me some undercooked chicken a few couple of days ago. I have horrid cramps but over all I think I will survive this.

I still havent had a chance to weigh myself since Ive been in bed for days, but I hope to make it out to a scale sometime today. I will post my stats then. I feel a little tiny bit lighter.
Fingers crossed!!


  1. absinthriaApril 05, 2011

    good luck girl, get well soon!

  2. You'll post something yet?